Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here Comes the Bride

You may have noticed that Event Solutions has been covering the wedding industry in more depth lately. We certainly have not given up our focus on events in general, from corporate to nonprofit to association and the very special world of independent planners, who may work in all these areas.
But a few months ago, we realized that a large segment of our readership is in the social and wedding planning business to some extent. And we weren’t exactly giving them a lot of attention.
This, we decided, was not good.
So that’s why you’ve seen Preston Bailey and David Tutera gracing our pages on a regular basis. And why we’ve partnered with Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute to bring wedding planners the education and ideas they’re looking for.
But we have more news. We’ve also formed a partnership with one of the most heart-warming charitable organizations in the industry—Wish Upon a Wedding. This fantastic group of wedding planners and suppliers, organized into local chapters, has the fabulous mission of making wedding dreams come true for couple who are being affected by life-threatening illnesses.
At a time when the engaged couple’s financial and emotional resources are dedicated to simply surviving, this group is able to offer couples a beautiful wedding experience, from venue to caterers to floral d├ęcor. What greater gift can there be than to give the couple a perfect day, a memory to treasure?
We’re proud of our affiliation with Wish Upon a Wedding, and look forward to bringing you stories that will touch your hearts, and perhaps even your pocketbooks or scheduling calendars. Because there’s one thing we’re sure of—event professionals have heart.

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