Monday, January 24, 2011

MPI Opens Info to Nonmembers

MPI has always been very proprietary about its vast library of resources and tools – if you’re not a member, you don’t get to get your hands on any of the articles, white papers, tools, and reports that they carry on their website.

Well, this morning that changed. MPI announced on a webcast that it is opening up many of these resources to nonmembers. You simple present them with your planner credentials ( and you can use their new service - MPIWeb Connect, to access selected content that was previously hands-off to nonmembers. In addition, MPI announced the availability of a new mobile web tool and an app for the iPhone that allows MPIWeb Connect users to access content, MPI social media channels, tools for travelers and more.

MPI’s reasoning is that they think it’s important to “elevate the global meetings industry.” In other words, they’re not just looking out for their members, but for the industry itself. I like that kind of thinking. It’s good for all of use. Kudos, MPI!

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