Sunday, February 26, 2012

PURE Synergy

What a day! What a rush! To see so many event professionals gathered together made me so proud of our industry...caterers and planners alike.

Registration lines were packed, but moved smoothly once everyone got into the rhythm. The mood was excited, eager and intense...just what you'd expect from this high-powered group of pros.

In fact, that's exactly why we co-locate the Event Solutions and Catersource events. It's a matter of pure synergy.
Planners and caterers have so much in common. A love of detail, design and above all, a desire to deliver just what the client wants (or needs).

I'd like to see us cross the aisle a bit in the next few days. Planners, talk to caterers who are riding the elevator with you. What are they seeing in f&b trends? What are their clients asking for?

Caterers, see that green stripe on the name badge? That's a planner. They know how to see the big picture. Their clients ask them to recommend the perfect catering company to make their event spectacular.

Synergy case in point: David Merrell of AOO Events (an ES speaker and award-winning planner who brought in hundreds of people for a 4:30 pm session this afternoon) started his career as a caterer. And almost every planner (myself included) is a foodie.

There's so much to share, and so much to learn from each other.

PURE synergy.

See you tomorrow!

Ann Turner
Editor, Event Solutions Magazine

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