Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reason #9: Party Time!

OK, we all know that we attend conferences for the intellectual stimulation.

But let’s get real. What we really want to do is PARTY DOWN, right?

Well, do we have a party for you in Vegas, at the hottest nightclub on the Strip, with the coolest people you’ll find anywhere.

I’m talking about the PURE Sensation party on Monday night.

I’ll be honest—I’m really not a party person. I am more comfortable wrapped in a comforter in front of a roaring fire, sipping a glass of wine while I browse my Nook for a good, trashy novel. 

But this is one party I am looking forward to. 

Why? It’s outrageous, overwhelming and totally over the top. I will see things I’ve never seen before, taste foods I’ve never tried before, and be immersed in sensory delights.

Yeah, it costs money, but considering what you get, it’s a deal.

I wanna party down. Will you join me?

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